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Posted By admin on May 8th, 2010

Dot Com Lifestyle Dot Com Lifestyle

Before Google lifted its ban on John Chow, a “dot com lifestyle” search would put my site, A Dawn Journal, as number one on search results on Google’s first page. Once Google lifted the ban, A Dawn Journal began appearing right beneath John’s site on search results pages. The article which is causing the appearance is this one:

What Is A Dot Com Lifestyle?

In the above article, which is a four-part series, I mentioned what a dot come lifestyle means to me. Here are the main five characteristics of a dot com lifestyle:

clip_image001 Work two hours a day and five days a week

clip_image001[1] Live in a new country for every six months a year (if you have a family, make it two to four months)

clip_image001[2] The whole world is your office (you can work anywhere as long as you have your laptop and internet connection)

clip_image001[3] Live on your own terms

clip_image001[4] Have ridiculously flexible lifestyle choices

These characteristics are not set in stone. You can change or modify them based on your own lifestyle or needs. I get a feeling of living a dot com lifestyle on the weekends only, as I still have to maintain my full time job. Every Saturday, I go to Tim Hortons or Starbucks with my Netbook and Mobile Internet Stick and work 3 – 4 hours writing articles, updating my sites, replying to emails, and so on.

A dot come lifestyle does not have to be complicated and out of the ordinary. I like keeping things simple and hope to live a simple and an ordinary life once I reach my goal of living a full-time dot com lifestyle. This is what the Entrepreneur Journey website is all about and I invite you to be a part of it.

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