SugarSync Discontinues Its Free Plan

Posted By admin on January 1st, 2014

Move Your Files Out of SugarSync

Move Your Files Out of SugarSync

I have been using SugarSync along with other free online cloud storage serves for a while. All of a sudden, I received an email recently from SugarSync notifying they will retire their free plan starting February 8, 2014.

This news is totally unexpected, as I have always thought SugarSync would be someone that can be relied on to park your online storage forever as I have accumulated some bonus storage through the referrals I mentioned in this article: Free online Cloud Storage

To be sure, I asked SugarSync customer support if my account would still be terminated as I have accumulated bonus storage. They replied back saying for now I am exempted from their new policy and my account will remain active with the bonus storage. However, I may receive notification at a later point of time if there is a change in the current scenario.

I have had my lessons already and will not trust or rely on SugarSync anymore, and have decided to move my files to somewhere else. If you are using a SugarSync free account, you need to move your stuff by February 8th, 2014. I have mentioned several other free cloud providers on my article above and you can use any one of them except SugarSync.

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