What’s Your Browser?

Posted By admin on February 26th, 2014

Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Avant
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Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Avant?

Just like smart phone apps, I am always looking for new browsers. Today, I will share a few thoughts about my various browser experiences in brief.

Firefox – This is what I currently use. I believe in terms of speed, it is slightly slower than Chrome, but I don’t mind it. I use Firefox for my smart phone and tablet as well and I think that Firefox does a better job than Google on smart phone or tablet.

Chrome – When Chrome first came out, I abandoned Firefox and stuck to Chrome for a long time. However, later on I switched to Firefox again and now I use Chrome as my backup browser.

Opera – I used Opera for probably 6 months. Then they came up with a newer version, which is the current version (as of Feb 2014), and their newer version actually went downhill in terms of quality when compared to the previous version. Since then, I stopped using Opera, even on my smart phone or tablet.

Internet Explorer – Never used it, never liked it. Whenever I open IE to check their latest version, it gives me headaches just to look at it for a minute. So cluttered and user-unfriendly that I don’t understand why Microsoft engineers don’t get something that’s so easy to get (i.e. make it uncluttered and user-friendly).

Avant – Just discovered this recently. This is not really a browser by itself. It renders 3 different engines to give you browsing experience you cannot have anywhere else. In other words, you can open a URL within Avant using Firefox, Chrome, or IE. You can even assign for specific websites to open with only particular browsers among IE, Firefox, or Chrome. It’s packed with lots of other interesting features. Try it, you might like it. One thing I noticed is that when you browse using Avant, web statistics sites (like Statcounter.com) do not show Avant as your browser, it would show the engine you are using at that time as your browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

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