Canada’s Start-Up Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa

Posted By admin on July 29th, 2013

Canada Wants Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Canada Wants Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Canada has launched a new immigrant visa program starting April 1, 2013. Unlike other countries that offer similar programs such as Australia, Chile, and the U.K., entrepreneurs do not have to wait for years to receive permanent residency. If you are eligible to get a Canadian entrepreneur visa, you will get permanent residency right away.

Canada has one of the largest economies on the planet and enjoys one of the highest levels of economic freedom in the world, along with a very low level of unemployment. Also, Canada was one of the few countries to get through the global financial crisis with not too much difficulty. Canada is a world leader in terms of smart open immigration, investment, resources, and more. According to Forbes magazine, Canada rates as the best country in the G-20 with which to do business.

In order to apply, entrepreneurs need to submit a business idea and get approval from a designated Canadian venture capital fund or angel investor group. And then once you have a commitment, you can apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to immigrate through the program.

Link: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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What Motivates Entrepreneurs?

Posted By admin on March 9th, 2013

What Motivates Entrepreneur3 Things That Motivate Entrepreneurs

Motivation is what makes entrepreneurs think outside the box and come up with bright ideas to change lives. But is there any common denominator that motivates entrepreneurs? There are too many, actually. I will discuss three common motivators that make entrepreneurs break boundaries to make the impossible possible.

Freedom – As simple as it sounds, entrepreneurs value their independence more than anything else. To come up with new ideas and products, entrepreneurs need to break the rules, and breaking the rules is not possible when you are under someone else’s authority. Behavioral science research and consulting firm Humantelligence research shows that 60 percent of entrepreneurs valued their independence more than anything else.

Passion – Passion or obsession is one of the most important denominators that make entrepreneurs engaging and keep motivated at a project even if there is no quick solution in sight. You can not be persistent at something if it’s not interesting, challenging, satisfying, and stimulating. And that is only possible when are passionate about what you are doing and you love and enjoy doing it.

Money – If you look at Forbes The World’s Billionaires list, a high percentage of super-rich persons are entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs are motivated by wealth to become financially independent and some entrepreneurs are motivated by wealth to reach the ultra-rich class. So money is another major factor that motivates entrepreneurs.

A point worth mentioning is that there are many other motivators and they do not equally motivate each entrepreneur, as everyone is different. However, there is one thing that applies equally to all entrepreneurs and that is all entrepreneurs are working hard across the globe to enrich the lives of all of us.

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Why Are Global Entrepreneurs Flocking to Canada?

Posted By admin on October 17th, 2011

Canada Is The World’s Best Country For BusinessCanada Is The World’s Best Country For Business

In the past, I wrote an article about Canada’s being the best country in the world. In a real world, being the best country does not usually mean the best country for business as well. However, one country on earth has defied that assumption and ranked number one as the world’s top country for business. Canada is that country and that’s why global entrepreneurs are flocking to Canada. After all, who wants to miss the rare opportunity of living and doing business in a country which is number one in all criteria of living and business?

Prestigious Forbes magazine recently compiled their annual list of the best countries for business and Canada ranks as the world’s best country for business. Canada is up to number 1 after coming up from number 4 last year. Ford’s ranking is based on 11 criteria in 134 countries. Here are the top 10 countries for 2011:

– Canada
– New Zealand
– Hong Kong
– Ireland
– Denmark
– Singapore
– Sweden
– Norway
– Britain
– Unites States

Here are some of factors that placed Canada as the world’s top country for business:

– Canada’s overall tax burden went up to the 9th spot from 2010’s 23rd spot.
– While Europe and the U.S. struggles with debt crisis and double-dip recession fears, Canada’s banks survived the financial crisis and its economy has held up well.
-  Canada’s 1.6 Trillion dollar economy is the ninth biggest in the world.
– Canadian economy grew 3.1 percent last year and is expected to grow 2.4 percent  
   in 2011.
– Canada’s unemployment rate is 7.3 percent, while U.S. has above 9 percent and the
   Eurozone unemployment rate is 10 percent.
– Canada’s reduced corporate rate is attractive and it keeps falling.

According to Forbes, it is easy to start a business in Canada due to good investor protection and the lack of red tape, among many other factors. Entrepreneurs are taking note of Canada across the globe and it is no wonder global entrepreneurs are flocking to the best country to live and the best place for business in the world.  

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What Is A Social Entrepreneur?

Posted By admin on September 18th, 2011

What Is A Social EntrepreneurSocial Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs, but they work on a larger scale. Instead of concentrating on a business or an entity, social entrepreneurs concentrate on social problems and issues and use entrepreneurial skills to solve or change social issues to make society work or societal systems to work better, efficiently, and in harmony with nature and environment.

Social entrepreneurs can work in a voluntary or not-for-profit environment, or can also work in a non-voluntary or for-profit environment, just like a regular entrepreneur. However, their major goals are to concentrate on wide-scale social problems and to offer solutions for entire societies for a better tomorrow.

Social entrepreneurs are visionaries and practical minded to see what the real issues are and how practical the implementations will be. They avoid impractical and unrealistic solutions that may falter for the society as a whole, or solutions that may not be cost-effective or realistic for the long run.

Business entrepreneurs wait to seize the opportunity to identify and come up with products or services to change the face of businesses, to create whole new industries or create brand new markets. Social entrepreneurs take a similar approach, but on a different aspect. They seize the opportunities to change society and various societal systems that bound societies together with innovative solutions and strategies on a mass level for the society and its people.

Let’s look at a few very well-known social entrepreneurs:

Muhammad Yunus – Yunus, a noble laureate, invented microcredit, a loan system that awards very small loans to the poor for starting entrepreneurship.
John Muir – An American naturalist, worked to preserve nature and wilderness. He is the one who established the national park system and also the founder of the Sierra Club.
Florence Nightingale – The founder of modern professional nursing. She also established the first school for nurses. She dedicated and sacrificed her life to improve the health and welfare of all people.

The social entrepreneurs I just mentioned above are only a few of many. However, I must admit that there are many social entrepreneurs out there who dedicated their lives in the past and are dedicating today which we have never heard of. These not-so-known individuals are dedicating their time and life behind the scenes for us to have a better future tomorrow, and I would like to state my appreciation and homage for them. You are inspirations to all of us.

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Attributes Entrepreneurs Should Have

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What Are Entrepreneur AttributesWhat Are Entrepreneur Attributes?

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Well, do you think you have the attributes that are needed to be an entrepreneur? Well, here are just a few of the attributes you need to make sure you are successful as an entrepreneur.

First of all, you need to be a leader. Leaders are the ones who take charge and make things happen. As a leader, you know how to get things done and that is a useful skill to have when you are an entrepreneur. You will lead your company and you will know the type of people you want around you in order to be successful. According to Robert B. Reich, leadership is the most important quality to have as an entrepreneur. As a leader, you will see opportunities around you and you will know to act upon them. You will be able to solve problems and recognize the solutions before you.

As an entrepreneur, you may be working with someone else at first in a company that you are en employee of. However, as you are a leader you will soon want to get out of that situation and away from your peers so you can stand out. This is where two more attributes come in; risk-taking and extroversion. Extroversion is very important because you need to be out-going so you can win clients and get people over to your company. However, more importantly, you need to be willing to take risks. This is because you will need to take risks to be successful. According to experts, an entrepreneur is a risk-taker because they know how to be innovative, how to increase their efficiency and productivity and how to generate new services that people may not even realize they need.

As an entrepreneur, you will see opportunities before you and you will know how to make them work to your advantage. When others are simply watching the world go by, you will be a person who stops the world so that you can achieve what you want.

There is the belief that men make better entrepreneurs than women but this is false. There have been many studies and they show that men and women both have the same type of attributes that will make them successful as an entrepreneurs. If you believe that as a woman, or as a man, you are not suited to be an entrepreneur then you need to begin to challenge yourself so that you can be a successful entrepreneur.

Of course, just because you do not have these attributes that does not mean you won’t be successful. The important thing is that you know how to challenge yourself to make things happen in your life. If you can do this, then you will be successful. If you can just get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in your life. All you can do is try and see where you go with it.

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Donald Trump-A True Entrepreneur

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Donald Trump-A True Entrepreneur

Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump

Donald Trump – A Real Estate Entrepreneur

Donald Trump, who has primarily been known as a real estate tycoon, has different facets to his personality. He was the host of an extremely successful TV reality show, he is the owner of the world’s most popular beauty pageant and he is also a best-selling author. Though all are different personas, each are independently strong, smart and wealthy, which is what makes Donald Trump a true chameleon in the business world.

Business for Donald Trump actually runs in his blood. Born to a real estate developer, father Fred Trump, Donald studied business in Wharton Business School and was mentored by his father for 5 years before he took the plunge to lift the real estate industry to new heights. For Donald Trump, business has always been his first love. He has never limited himself to being a specialist in one field, but expanded in any direction that his money and his ideas may take him. As the Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization, he not only develops real estate across the globe, but also manages hotels and resorts, golf courses and many other things. As Trump Entertainment Resorts founder, he manages casinos and hotels.

Donald Trump’s popularity rose to new levels when he produced (he was the show’s executive producer) and hosted The Apprentice, a reality show on NBC. It was indeed the ultimate job interview. The show first began in January 2004 and has ten successful seasons to its credit. The show was created by Mark Burnett wherein 16 to 18 business aspirants competed with each other in elimination style contest to become The Apprentice. The show also gave rise to the popular “You’re Fired” which Trump would say to the eliminated contest at the end of the show, a catchphrase that Trump has filed application for Trademark. Initially the payment for each episode was $50,000 but the show’s success and popularity catapulted not only Trump’s TV personality image but also his payment to three millions dollars per episode which is indeed the highest ever paid to any TV personality. Apart from this, Trump’s caricature versions were seen in numerous Hollywood films including The Little Rascals, Home Alone 2, The Nanny, etc. Trump was nominated twice for an Emmy Award.

Donald Trump is the co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization along with NBC – National Broadcasting Company and under the auspices holds various beauty pageants like Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and of course Miss Universe.

Donald Trump also has equal interest in sports. He is an avid golfer and a great World Wrestling Entertainment fan. Almost all Trump properties have golf courses that are designed and built on international standards. In fact one of his golf clubs at Westchester, the Trump National Golf Club, has won the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences International Five-Star Diamond Award. Apart from breathtaking golf holes, the club has stone bridges, winding streams and even a waterfall falling from a 101-foot height. In the wrestling world, Trump has done his bit by actively participating in the numerous wrestling shows (though not as a wrestler), many of which were held in Trump Plaza. He also briefly “owned” the WWE Raw from 15th June 2009 to 22nd June 2009.

Donald Trump’s other business ventures include The Trump Network, which deals in health products and allows people to receive coaching under Trump and become

entrepreneurs. Titled as the Wealth Creation System, people can register themselves in this network and would only need simple skills like telephone etiquette and a little extra time to work on. The members would receive guidance from Donald Trump himself by way of training videos and personalized letters. The company deals in vitamin supplements and health products like PrivaTest Custom Essentials, Silhouette Solution, QuikStik, Snazzle Snaxxs and Bioce Cosmeceuticals. Claiming to be made from natural bio-nutrients, QuikStik comes in 3 blends one for each part of the day – morning, afternoon and evening. The BioCé Cosmeceuticals range of beauty products include cleanser and toner, repair serum, eye contouring cream, daily cream, skin recovery cream, microdermabrasion procedure formula, cream mask and wrinkle filler.

In the field of finance, Donald Trump investments hold a 17.2% stake in the Bermuda-based Parker Adnan Company that deals in financial services. Trump organization also deals in the Trump merchandise luxury line that deals in books, apparel, home furnishings as well as jewelry. This includes the Ivanka Trump jewelry collection, the Signature collection of men’s apparel, Trump Vodka, Trump Home for home furnishings, Trump books and publications, Trump Ice that markets natural spring water, Trump chocolate and Trump Tea. The Signature range of men’s apparel markets men’s suits, dress shirts, neckwear, cuff links and jewelry, small leather goods and eyewear. All these products are marketed through Macy’s, Trump Tower, and eyewear specialty stores. Under Trump publications, Donald Trump has authored many best sellers such as How to Get Rich, Never Give Up, Think Like a Billionaire and Think like a Champion amongst other titles.

In the field of entertainment, Trump’s organization manages Manhattan’s public skating rinks at Central Park – The Wollman Rink and the Lasker Rink. Various facilities offer skating lessons, an ice hockey gaming facility, and professional instructions are provided. Another division, the Trump Productions LLC based out of Los Angeles, deals in television show production. Some of these are the very popular The Apprentice reality show (6 seasons), The Celebrity Apprentice, telecasting beauty pageants (Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA), the Pageant Place reality series on MTV, and the latest show on MTV along the lines of the UK hit show “Ladette to Lady.” Under the entertainment division also comes the Trump Model Management which helps modeling and pageant aspirants come to the fore. Many models scouted and developed through Trump model management have appeared in movies and fashion magazines like Vogue as well as gone on to be winners of the beauty pageants. The division prides itself in expressing contemporary style and exquisite beauty.

Despite so many ventures, not all of which have necessarily been a path of roses, Donald Trump does not show any signs of slowing down and in his words, “Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken.”

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You Need Only One Strange Idea To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Posted By admin on October 3rd, 2010

You Need Only One Strange Idea To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Being An Entrepreneur With A Strange Idea

When we think of successful entrepreneurs, we think of Richard Branson and Bill Gates, two people who made huge companies out of nothing, making things people need. However, being an entrepreneur also means taking an idea no one has, and turning it into something people will want, even though they do not need what you are selling. Case in point, the pet rock, possibly one of the greatest entrepreneur stories of all time.

Gary Dahl was just an advertising executive from Los Gatos, California, when he hit upon a strange idea. He was sitting in a bar in 1975, listening to friends complain about their pets. From this, he hit upon the idea of creating the perfect pet, which led to the idea of selling rocks to people, complete with instructions. The manual stated that a rock did not need to be fed, walked, bathed, groomed, would not die, become sick or disobey you. He drafted the manual that night at home for the pet rock, filling it with gags and puns and making it seem as though the pet rock was an actual pet.

Dahl then went to a building supply store and bought a bunch of rocks, which he put in cardboard boxes with straw in them and breathing holes. In 1975, Dahl created Rock Bottom Productions, which sold rocks for $3.95. The manual was 32 pages long and was called The Care And Training Of Your Pet Rock, and had everything for caring for your pet rock including feeding and bathing it. It also showed how to teach the rock to sit and stay and even how to roll over, come and stand with help from the owner.  The expenses for this venture were minimal, with the biggest expense being the die cutting and manufacture of the boxes. The boxes themselves cost one penny, while the straw was free. Dahl also had a printing job for a client and had the manuals printed as part of it, meaning he had nearly no expenses for the pet rock.

The pet rock fad lasted for six months in total, but during that short run, which hit the Christmas season, millions of pet rocks were sold. From getting the idea for a pet rock in April 1975, to December 1975 when the fad ended, Dahl became a millionaire based on an idea most would have thought of as completely insane and doomed to failure.

The point of this story is to show that strange ideas can make a lot of money if you know how to market it properly. Selling rocks to people may seem stupid, but it made one man millions of dollars and it has served as an example of how being an entrepreneur can mean following your dreams and ideas and seeing them pay off for yourself. Sure, it only lasted six months but Dahl has more money than he needs now because he took a risk, which is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

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Identify Today’s Trends to Make Better Future Decisions

Posted By admin on September 27th, 2010

Identify Today’s Trends to Make Better Future Decisions Internet Shopping Is On The Rise – Entrepreneurs Take Note

Statistics Canada says in a report that Canadians are shopping more online these days than ever before. Let’s look at some important highlights of the report:

– Canadians ordered $15.1 billion worth goods and services in 2009 (was 12.8 billion in 2007)

-39 per cent of Canadians (aged 16 and over) placed 95 million orders (was 32 per cent and 70 million orders in 2007)

– Average value per order stands at $158 (was $183 in 2007)

– Most common types of orders are: travel services and entertainment products such as books, clothing, magazines, accessories etc.

– 52 per cent Canadians went to research their products before buying at stores (43 per cent in 2007)

Now, here is what these highlights translate into in a broader sense:

– Although these stats represent Canada, the world’s one if the top developed countries – situations are no different in other developed countries and developing countries will soon follow.

– More and more people will be accessing the Internet.

– Online retailers will be seeing increased demand for their products and services

– Advertisement opportunities (for blogs and websites) will increase representing online retailers and stores.

– As people are spending more time on the Internet, researching before buying at physical stores and shopping online, content base websites or blogs will see a huge spike in traffic.

So, if you are an Internet entrepreneur, you should pay attention to these trends – people’s changing habits. The Internet will always provide money making opportunities for those who are able to identify, analyze, and utilize today’s trends to make better strategic decisions in the future.

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The Most Successful Entrepreneurs in History

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Successful Entrepreneurs in the WorldHow To Be An Entrepreneur

Ten Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

Every field has those who excel, and entrepreneurship is just a further example of that. There are those who do well as entrepreneurs, and then there are those who do amazingly well. They are the ones who excel at what they do, and move forward in life to greatness. So, who are these entrepreneurs and what did they do to make themselves so successful?

  • Richard Branson: One of the most famous men on Earth, he is known for his adventures just as much as he is for his business. Branson dropped out of school at the age of 16 and began a magazine called Student Magazine. From there, he went on to form Virgin Records, which signed some of the best bands of the 70s. Moving forward, he then created an entire Virgin brand that has 360 companies within it, including an airline and the world’s first space tourist service.
  • Coco Chanel: Growing up as an orphan, Chanel worked as a seamstress to make ends meet. She had a strong drive that pushed her to try new things and learn new things, and that allowed her to create fashion ideas that would revolutionize what people wore. These days, she is known as much for her perfume, Chanel No. 5, as she is for her extremely profitable business.
  • Michael Dell: Starting with $1,000 from home, Michael Dell dropped out of college and created PC’s Limited, which would become Dell Inc. From there, he created through drive and determination, one of the most successful computer manufacturing companies on the entire planet.
  • Bill Gates: The richest man on Earth from 1995 to 2006, Gates dropped out of college and began Microsoft with a friend. With revolutionary new ways for users to use computers, Gates not only helped start the computer revolution, but helped to change the world in the process.
  • Henry Ford: Speaking of changing the world, Henry Ford started off small as an apprentice when he was 16 and would go on to found the Ford Motor Company. Through his amazing concept of assembly line production, Ford not only changed how people made cars, but he made them more affordable for the masses and his concept of assembly lines changed the world in everything from clothing to food.
  • Walt Disney: His name is known to all of us, and this high school dropout started off as just an animator who created a company that has become iconic. Thanks to starting off making cartoons with a mouse named Mickey, Disney and his company have gone on to create theme parks around the world, while making an estimated $30 billion a year.

These are just a few of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. If you want to be successful, it would be a good idea to learn their story and see how they were able to find such immense success in the working world. If they can do it, so can you.

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How To Be An Entrepreneur

Posted By admin on June 5th, 2010

How To Be An Entrepreneur How To Become An Entrepreneur

A lot of people want to start their own business because that allows them to take their career into their own hands. In tough economic times, working for someone else is not always guaranteed and there is often very few jobs to choose from. As a result, many people will start to be an entrepreneur because they want to own their own business and be in charge of their own lives. So, how do you go about being an entrepreneur? Just do the following:

  1. Think of a great idea that you believe will be something you are interested in. If you are providing a service, make sure it is something that you are going to love doing. If you are making a product, look at how much it costs to make, whether it will be popular and how long each product takes you to make. You should do a test market for your product or service to determine who will want the product so you can know who to sell to.
  2. You need to do up a business plan and this is very important. The business plan is what ensures that you start your business off on the right track. Through the business plan you are stating how you will make money, what you will be selling, who you will be selling to and what you hope to gain from the business. Other things that make up a business plan is an assessment of your competition, your marketing plan, sales forecasts and the analysis of the market you are getting into.
  3. If you need money, you should look at getting a small business loan or going to venture capitalists. Not all businesses can be started for nothing, so you may need a loan or investment. However, if you can start a home business without borrowing money, then all the better as you can start making a profit much quicker.
  4. It is very important that you do what you can to network with other entrepreneurs. By doing that, you can ensure that you are meeting with people in your industry who can serve as mentors. Networking gives you the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge that will ensure your business stays successful for many years to come.
  5. The last thing you need to remember when you want to know how to be an entrepreneur, is to do everything you can to make your business successful. This means working long hours, talking with people, doing cold calls and more. As an entrepreneur you need to be a public relations expert, a marketer, an innovator, a sales person and more, all rolled into one. It is not always the easiest job in the world, but it does have its rewards and it can be something you truly enjoy.

There is much to remember if you want to be an entrepreneur but it all comes down to doing what you love, knowing how to be successful and having the drive to make yourself successful.

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