The Main Problem Making Money With Google AdSense

Posted By admin on May 22nd, 2011

Making Money Online With Google AdSenseMaking Money Online With Google AdSense

AdSense makes money; there is no doubt about it. However, it’s not a perfectly flawless system you should rely on to make your only source of income. Today, I am going to touch base on this a little bit based on my AdSense experience.

The main problem I am having with Adsense is the tremendous level of fluctuation. There are days when I make good money from Adsense, and there are days when I make not so good money. You may say that proper AdSense optimization should solve this problem. Yes, I thought the same way and experimented optimization only to figure out that this heavy fluctuation is out of my hand. It’s kind of like the Internet has its slow traffic days and high traffic days and we have no control over it.

If I have a situation in which I have no control, I try to resolve it working on something in which I have full control. In the above scenario, instead of wasting too much time on fixing Adsense, I worked to diversify my ad revenues. Besides Adsense, I am running Infolinks, Chitika, and some private ads (mainly on A Dawn Journal). My least expected ad system Infolinks is actually making me the most unexpected money. There are days when my Infolinks revenues beat Google Adsense. I know it is hard to believe, but it has happened a few times in the past.

Just like about anything else in life, online money making sources need to be diversified as well. The century old Adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to Internet entrepreneurship as well and you should never bet all your sites on one income source.

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Make Money Online – Roadmap of a dot com mogul

Posted By admin on August 28th, 2010

Make Money Online Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul Make Money Online – A Dawn Journal Book Review

Click Here To Buy This Book On Amazon Canada

Today, I am going to take you to my other site Canada Personal Finance Blog where I just posted John’s book review. Please read this review here:

Make Money Online – Roadmap of A Dot Com Mogul


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How To Come Up With Great Domain Names

Posted By admin on April 18th, 2010

How To Come Up With Great Domain Names Domain Name Ideas and Tips

One thing I am constantly doing and never fall short of is my relentless pursuit for great domain ideas or domain names. Today, I will share a few things on how to come up with great domain names out of thin air.

Creativity is your number one asset – if you want to be a proud owner of some world-class, high-end domain names. Whenever I don’t need to be attentive and can free up my mind, I put my mind to work questing for domain names. Most people will let their mind wander when on the subway, standing in line, or just wandering around and wasting time; however, I see these moments as an opportunity and concentrate on finding great domain names. Here are a few tips I can share with you. These tips have worked for me and if you use them, they will work for you too.

– Always keep your eye and mind open. Pay attention to details when you are watching TV, reading signboards or store names while walking, reading a newspaper, and so on. Why? Because you may bump into some words or variations of words that can be used as domain names. For example, I came up with,, and just doing what I just mentioned.

– Keep a notebook and pen handy on your table, next to your bed, in your bag, etc. This happens to me a lot – I wake up in the middle of the night with a domain name burning in my head. Because of keeping a pen and notebook handy everywhere, I am able to write down the domain idea that woke me up in the middle of night and research it later when I get a chance. I came up with domains like, and many others because I was able to write down right away.

– If you are waiting in line or riding the subway and can’t find anything to do, play around with some words and variations domain ideas. For example, one day the word “Roadmap” somehow struck my mind and I got infatuated with this word. Since then, I have been building one after another great domain names with this word “Roadmap.” Some of my Roadmap related domains are:,,, and much more.

– Use domain tools such as to help you create domains with those words you are enthusiastic about. If you enter a word in Domain Bots search and hit enter, it will give you many variations with that word and also will tell you which are available. For example, I found many domains tied with “Green” and “Travel” from my search results on Domain Bot.

– Many domain names are dropping out of someone’s portfolio because the owner forgot to renew, gave up Internet Entrepreneurship, or simply can’t afford to hold them anymore. There are many sites that list those domain names that are about to expire or have recently expired. Go through these lists and who knows, you may be able to pick up your gem from these dropped-out domains. I found domains like,, and because someone else forgot or decided not to renew these domains.

There are many other ways to come up with great domain names. I can think of the above I mentioned right now off the top of my head. If you are into domains, you will come up with your own ways. If you can’t think of something right away, never give up and keep trying. It will all come to you slowly.

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What to Do When Hackers Hack Your Websites

Posted By admin on April 3rd, 2010

What to Do When Hackers Hack Your WebsitesTips to Deal with Blog or Website Ad Codes from Hacking

Recently, I had my first incidence of one of my sites being hacked by online intruder. Nothing can beat the learning that comes from experience – that’s why I have decided to share my experience with you today. Also, I will describe a few steps you all should consider to better tackle this type of situation.

About two weeks ago, I opened one of my sites in my browser and found out that the top widgets on the right column had disappeared. Also, the whole site looked disheveled – it was like someone had played around and tampered with the site’s programming codes.

My programmer was able to fix everything in time. But then, he gave me a valuable tip which I have never thought of. He mentioned that hackers usually hack sites to implement their own ad codes. So instead of the site owner, these high-tech thieves make money. If you are an Internet entrepreneur, you know that all ad codes such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc. run on your site because of a few line ad scripts or html codes. The only thing makes these codes identifiable for the individual is a numeric value such as 54890245 or something like it. Now, if someone hacked your site and implemented their own codes replacing yours – it’s almost impossible to know by looking at it. We usually never check and match these numeric values assigned to each individual.

So, hacking your codes could go unnoticed for many months until one day you think: wait a minute, how come I have never made money in the past 2 months? What precautions should you take if your site gets hacked or even if it did not get hacked but you just want to be safe?
Follow these simple tips:

– Always backup your site
– If your site gets hacked, change your password ASAP 
– Go through all ad codes to make sure they are indeed your codes, install fresh codes if necessary 
– Always keep an eye on your revenue. If you see a sharp drop in income or no income at all, it means your site  
  has been compromised.
– It is a good idea to change your password periodically. 
– Do not use the same password for your ad accounts, email, and other programs. If hackers get thru your site,
  they will have access to everything
– Do not make your password too easy to guess
– Your programmer, editor, virtual assistant … should be someone you can trust. For example, I have been with
  my team of experts for a few years now and I trust them all, as they are very trust worthy.
– Always take precautions and be vigilant. Use your common sense and let it be your guideline.

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Infolinks Makes More Money Than Kontera

Posted By admin on March 18th, 2010

Infolinks Makes More Money Than Kontera Infolinks or Kontera?

Entrepreneurship is about always keeping an eye open and not being afraid to try new products and services to boost income. Most of us internet entrepreneurs get comfortable with an ad provider and are often reluctant to switch to a different ad company. That’s exactly what happened with me staying with Kontera.

I don’t exactly recall how I bumped into Infolinks. To tell you the truth, the simple but catchy design of Infolinks website caught my attention and inspired me to try it out. I was not sure how well it would perform or even if it would pay – as I had bad experiences with ad companies stealing ad impressions or clicks. However, I decided to give it a try for a week, just for my mental satisfaction.

I was shocked when I looked at my Infolinks account after one week. Effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM) or effective CPM is much higher than Kontera. Initially, I had implemented Infolinks only on my one site. After seeing much improved earning results, I removed Kontera from all my websites and replaced it with Infolinks codes.

However, after a year or so, I just wanted to be sure that Infolinks still lived up to its expectations. To test how much money I would earn with Kontera, had I not switched to Infolinks, I removed Infolinks and replaced it with Kontera for a week. After comparing the earning reports of Infolinks and Kontera again, I was totally satisfied with Infolinks. |It still paid a lot more than Kontera for that week I just tested.

What have I learned from all this? Always keep an eye open and never be afraid to test new products. After all, keeping an eye open and trying new stuff should be an integral part of entrepreneurship.

Infolinks Website

Kontera Website

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Are Money Making Ads Real or Just Hype?

Posted By admin on November 15th, 2009

Are Money Making Ads Real or Just Hype Can I make money on the Internet?

It seems everywhere we look from our mailbox to the television some one is getting rich fast on the internet. In addition, the moneymaking possibilities are endless. If you are interested in making money, how does one know where to start? Do we buy into the ads and start selling for EBay or Google, or do we find our own niche and market the minefield of green? Whatever the base for your online money making business it is best to remember that nothing comes free. Hard work and dedication are needed in any venture and sticking a lot of money into proven systemsmay not be your best bet.

When dealing with Internet business it is in your best interest to find a niche that you are familiar with and can be happily involved in on a daily basis. Once you find your optimal business opportunity, create a website, and are ready to start selling it is important to sell the website as well to drive traffic to your site. SEO Articles are helpful but it is important to find available search engines and to create the articles needed to advertise. This in itself for the Entrepreneur can be very daunting but there are several services that can help market your wares. There are freelancers available to write your articles and companies to incorporate your articles into useful formats. The most important thing is to generate SEO Articles that are useful and informative, including well written. The trend today seems to be computer-generated articles with a lot of unuseful information with several keywords to drive traffic. This can drive traffic but it is best to stay ahead of the trend and keep it honest for a lasting customer base.

If selling yourself or a product is not what interests you but possibly maintaining a website that sells itself and creates income from generated revenue depending on the visitors and ads placed on your site then there are several opportunities as well. One such tool is Google Ad sense and offers you to be paid per click or sale from other sites. You advertise their links on your site, blog, forum, hub and other tools. This can be lucrative if you have content that people are searching for and the ads generate themselves in relation to your content or you can customize these ads as well. A good tool in combination with this system is to advertise and generate through other forms such as Facebook or Twitter. The idea is the more you market, the more traffic you generate and the more money possibilities you earn in this type of Internet business.

Including moneymaking ads, you can also include Affiliate Accounts in which you provide direct links to sites selling products in which you are paid a percentage of sales. As with all other ventures, you have to market your advertising format to get the traffic to become customers. With so many struggling Entrepreneurs today, it is easy to fall to the bottom of the barrel, and lose traffic to similar sites. Keeping your sites, hubs or blogs current and adding new content daily will help you rise to the top. Besides promotions, you may also venture to add specials or discounts that will attract heavier traffic flow.

Keeping these moneymaking opportunities in mind, do not forget to research all avenues to ensure you have the time, patience and attitude to stick with your ventures until they become fruitful.

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Search Engine Optimization – Good, Bad Or Both?

Posted By admin on October 5th, 2009

Search Engine Optimization – Good, Bad Or Both

Don’t Just Use SEO Without Relevant References

For any entrepreneur who is serious about making money in this day and age, the Internet is a powerful, and some would argue indispensable, tool. A web presence enables you to reach customers wherever you want – and for companies with a mail order aspect this has been proven to drive orders up by allowing them to sell far and wide. In order to increase your web presence, there are many tools available. Some of these tools are more effective than others, but one which has proven to be immensely popular is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. SEO has become one of the ultimate buzzwords in Internet marketing – and is seen as being immensely desirable for the purposes of increasing presence.

Search engines are seen as being hugely important in increasing your web presence. Many people who are looking for something specific will, without even thinking, turn to the search engines, and most usually Google. By entering their required search term, they will turn up relevant results in the search engine and pick from the list that they see. Because people tend to read a page from top to bottom, having the result which ranks first in Google for a specific search term is considered very lucrative. Search Engine Optimization works by making a web page more “attractive” to the robots which search the Internet for relevant results. It does this by reading the keywords which people are searching for and judging by their volume on the page how apposite the site is for the searcher.

So far, so good, then. To create a page that will bring in the attention of someone who is looking for, say, tickets for a Justin Timberlake concert, the SEO user will make as many references as possible in the text of their web page to “justin timberlake tickets”, “justin timberlake concert”, “justin timberlake concert tickets”, and a range of other phrases which can include the venues at which Justin will be appearing, as well as eyecatching words like “cheap”, “cut price”, “front row” and so forth. Then when the potential customer searches for “cheap justin timberlake tickets Chicago” or a similar search term, the site with the most relevant references will appear high in the Google search results.

So what is the drawback to SEO, if it is bringing in traffic? The answer is that people know SEO works, and can occasionally be very indiscriminate in their use of search terms. Look at the two sentences that follow:

“I have found a fail-safe way to get cheap front row tickets for Justin Timberlake in Chicago – read on for more info!”

“Cheap Justin Timberlake tickets Chicago I have found Justin Timberlake concert tickets front row – CLICK HERE!!!”

The first sentence holds more promise for the questing Timberlake fan, as it reads like something a sentient person might write. The latter is stuffed with search terms and reads like gibberish – but at least initially will get into the search engines at a higher level due to its SEO volume. More and more people, conscious of the power of SEO, are using nothing but optimization to drive traffic, and it is becoming problematic for the person looking to find relevant information. Search engines are, however, developing to forestall this problem – but it is not, as yet, an exact science, and poor SEO is still slipping through the net.

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