Rewards Points and Rewards Credit Cards

Posted By admin on July 26th, 2015

More Articles on Rewards Points

More Articles on Rewards Points

While I was working on the rewards credit cards chapter for my upcoming book Credit Cards Hacks: What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want you to Know, I had to go through extensive research about various rewards points and credit cards and that gave me the idea of writing more about this on Entrepreneur Journey.

Here are some of the articles I have posted recently about rewards credit cards in the past 2-3 weeks:

Book Hotel & Flight for Free

Tools to Find Most Rewards

WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard

Rewards Points Opportunity Still Exists

What I am thinking is to post articles mainly about credit cards on A Dawn Journal and about rewards points on Entrepreneur Journey. This would fit with these 2 sites’ themes as EJ already has a travel section that would be a perfect fit for various rewards points articles and financial site ADJ would be a place for rewards credit cards.

I encourage you to visit both sites often, as there will be more articles in the future.

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