Phuket – The Pearl of The Andaman

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Phuket – The Paradise Island of Thailand
Phuket – The Paradise Island of Thailand

One of the most beautiful places in Asia, and possibly the Eastern Hemisphere, is Phuket. The Island of Phuket is also one of the southern provinces of Thailand and it occupies the entire island. Roughly the size of Singapore, the island is connected to the mainland of Thailand by a bridge. Phuket, while once known for its tin and rubber, is now one of he most popular tourist areas in all of Thailand, getting most of its income from tourism.

Turbulent History

As with most places that had European contact during the Age of Discovery, Phuket is no different. During the 17th century, the Dutch, English and French all arrived at the island to trade with the island thanks to its rich supply of tin. The island was eventually heavily controlled by the French, who were expelled in the 1688 Siamese Revolution. While they attempted to take the island back in 1689, their efforts failed within a few years. Things returned to relative normality for the island for the next century until the Burmese attacked in 1785. After a siege that lasted an entire month, the Burmese retreated. It was thanks to Than Phu Ying and her sister Mook that the attack failed. They were warned by a British East India Company captain that there was an attack coming. Ying, who was the widow of the recently-deceased governor, mustered what forces she could to defend the island. After the siege, both became local heroes and are still remembered to this day with statues on the island. Eventually, in 1933, the island became a province in Thailand, which it remains as to this day.

Amazing Landscapes

It is not hard to see why so many groups wanted this island; it is beautiful. The island has many mountains on it, with the Phuket mountain range running from the south to the north in the western part of the island. While the island is roughly 570 square kilometers, it has a stunning array of landscapes that will keep you exploring for years to come. Roughly 70 percent of the island is covered with mountains, while the remaining 30 percent of the island in the central and eastern areas is flat. The island has no major rivers, but there are nine brooks that provide water to thousands. Forests, along with oil and rubber plantations, cover 60 percent of the island, and sandy beaches can be found on the western coast of the island. Eastern beaches tend to be muddy, but you can still enjoy yourself there. Now, if you want to see one of the most stunning sunsets in the world, you would need to journey to the southern part of the island to see the sun set over the ocean at Brahma’s Cape.

Great Weather

Since Phuket is just north of the equator, it has amazing weather. The average high temperature of the island during the year falls between 29C/84F and 33C/91F. Average lows are what many in the northern hemisphere call highs, with temperatures ranging from 23C/73F to 26C/79F. Between November and April, you can expect things to be pretty dry. When May comes along, the monsoon season begins and rain can be expected from May until October usually.

Since the tin industry has faded to the background on the island, tourism has taken over as the biggest industry in Phuket. While in Phuket, you can expect to see a lot of tourist attractions and tourist centers. Since the 1980s, beaches have become heavily developed to accommodate tourists. This has not been for the bad though, as Fortune Magazine declared Phuket as one of the World’s Top 5 Retirement Destinations. The vast majority of the westerners who live in Phuket are retirees.

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How to Get Rid of 5 Rooms of Clutter in 10 Minutes

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5 Quick Decluttering Tips for Home

5 Quick Decluttering Tips for Home

When it comes to getting rid of things you don’t use and you don’t need, if you look at the whole picture it may be overwhelming. However, handling one thing at a time will make it something doable and less stressful, and it adds up if you continue getting rid of clutter one room at a time. Today, I am going to talk about simple ways to get rid of 5 rooms of clutter in 10 minutes. Let’s begin.

1. Start With the Bedroom – Look around – check on top of the headboard, underneath the bed, or in the drawers to detect only one item that you can throw away right now. It can be a magazine, a receipt, an empty perfume bottle, or anything you don’t foresee using any more.

2. Move to the Closet – If you spend some time and look closely, it is possible to find many items that you have not been using for a while in your closet. But for now, let’s find only one thing you no longer need. It can be a clothing item, empty boxes, shopping bags, batteries, and so on. Pick one up and get rid of it forever.

3. Master Bathroom – No hard work here. Just open the under-sink storage area and you will find a stockpile of items. What can those be? The possibilities are actually endless here: a leftover piece of soap from 3 years ago, a dried-up bottle of Listerine, a half-empty shampoo bottle, a scrubber that gave up months ago, and much more. Pick only one and put it in the bathroom garbage bin.

4. Home Office – No need to quest much here. Look on top and underneath of your computer desk or study table and grab one item that is no longer needed. Even a pen or an eraser from years ago should be fine
5. Living Room – Another place where it feels like clutter can’t accumulate, but it is likely to take over throughout the years. One quick spot to eliminate one piece of clutter would be look on top and underneath the coffee table.
The health and mental benefits of having a tidy living space is limitless. Decluttering your full home altogether can be stressful, but you can do it by taking things slowly and one at a time.  

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Download Money Hacks For Free on Amazon

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Money Hacks: How Small Changes Can Save Big Money

Get Money Hacks For Free For 5 Days Only – Really, No Catch


Today, I am writing to let you know that my second book Money Hacks: How Small Changes Can Save Big Money is currently going through a promotion and you can get it for free on Amazon. This promotion will end on Dec 3, 2104. Here is the link:

Money Hacks: How Small Changes Can Save Big Money

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What to See In Barcelona – The Capital of Catalonia and The Second largest City in Spain

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Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Travel Guide

Every one needs a rest before resuming work the next day or during course of the day. Barcelona, a place in Spain has all the answers, it is an area where a solution for fatigue and weariness from work can be found. The scenery of the place and hospitality with in the area leaves every one in an anticipation to visit it. The place is free to visit as long as he/ she comply with their travel rules and regulations.

The courtesy reception given to the visitors make Barcelona a place most conducive for foreigners, on arrival the visitors are provided with guide skits. Therefore a person entering Barcelona for the first time feels at home since travel guidelines are provided. The guidelines provided assist in locating hotels, tourist and museum areas on top of that accessible and safe transportation guaranteeing security to the visitors are commendable.

The beauty of the place is manifested by its attractive recreation centres all over, for instance the nice looking and conducive beaches like Barceloneta beach, Icaria beach, bogatell beach, Mar Bella beach, make Barcelona a unique place where one can have fun to refresh the mind. The influx of people entering Barcelona city is not only the summer holidaymakers, businessmen and academicians but also those in honeymoon. The fun people get when they are around these beaches make them to be always enthusiastic to re-visit them.

The descent hotels in Barcelona are enough to inspire one to pay a visit to the place. Hotels are spacious, luxurious and safe in terms of security and they range from one star to five star hotels hence pleasurable enough for one to spend time there. For instance, Hotel Barcelona Catedral that stands next to the Gothic cathedral has all the amenities a very good hotel should have. For example it has a restraint, bar, fitness room, laundry while swimming pool, gym, bicycle hire and discos available are meant for leisure, to make matters worse rooms are equipped with Satellite TVs, telephone, hair dryers etc. The sensational care that is given in these fantastic hotels brings not only fantasy but a lot of composure and serenity filled with pleasure to guarantee a visitor the most memorable time and this cling on the mind of the visiting persons for years to come.

The tourist attraction areas in Barcelona city create more anxiety to pay it a visit. Museum centres like Picasso museum provide great opportunity to have access to historical archaeologies and other anthropological studies. It is in these museums that great discoveries of the past are stored, therefore people especially academicians and researchers flock and continue to visit this area.

Barcelona a travel site remain one the ostentatious and precious places to visit. The good facilities available like nice hotels, the presence of the recreation centres, the hospitality portrayed through the care given to the visitors like provision of travel guides, hotel guides make a unique and one of the exceptional places to pay a visit.

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How Spring Cleaning Your House Can Boost Personal Contentment

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Rearrange Your House, Rearrange Your Life

Rearrange Your House, Rearrange Your Life

The way in which you live your life is governed by so many factors that when you get into a rut it can be hard to know where to look first for improvement. Ordinarily, people tend to make improvements bit by bit, concentrating on improving one area of their life. Sometimes, though, it can be as good a bet to concentrate on something large, something that takes a good deal of effort but will have consequential effects that reach into the rest of your life, and can metaphorically blow away some of the dust in your daily routine while literally blowing away actual dust.

One way of doing this is to literally get your house in order. The human mind is often compared to a dwelling, and this is fitting because many of us spend a lot of time inside both. If you can get your house looking ship-shape and spring cleaned, then the effects can extend into your everyday life and make for a real boost to your personal contentment. Apart from anything, it has been proven time and time again that putting in physical effort releases endorphins and can get you smiling, even if the job itself seems like a gargantuan task to begin with.

It helps to go room by room. If you are somewhat daunted by the prospect of totally rearranging your place of dwelling, then you should start small. Rearranging your bedroom or your kitchen is a process that can take less than half a day and make you feel like you have really accomplished something. If you believe in Feng Shui, it can even be an opportunity to test out some ideas and literally spring clean your life.

As well as the above factors, there is another side benefit – the fact that in spring cleaning rushes you will almost always turn up one or more things that you thought had been lost forever. Some of these things will bring up happy memories, and if the memories they dredge up are less happy it is still an opportunity to do something about it – a small bonfire of the bad parts of the past may be just the thing you need in order to move forward happily and with confidence.

Moving from room to room you will feel as though you are getting a fresh start, another chance to get life rolling again, and you will also almost certainly free up space. We all talk about liking a bit of space in our lives, and although the term is largely metaphorical it can also work literally. If you are sick of weaving your way past things in order to get to your seat, then the difference that is made by opening up floor space can have emotionally beneficial effects as well. When everything is done it can be the ideal excuse to sit back, relax and enjoy some treats that you have promised yourself (possibly as a bribe to encourage you to work). A party may be in order, and one thing is certain – you will sleep like a fairy tale character once it’s all done.

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Wellington, New Zealand Travel Guide

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Wellington, New Zealand Travel Guide

Wellington, New Zealand Travel Guide

If you are staying in Wellington and having trouble to find things to do whilst you are on holiday then why not take a look go and visit the main attractions in Wellington. If you are not sure which are the main attractions in Wellington then in the next few paragraphs we are going to talk about some main attractions that you can visit. This will give you a good idea what you can do in Wellington and should make you want to book some attractions that you have not already thought off.

The Wellington Zoo attracts all ages young and old. They have different events during the day as well as taking a tour round the zoo its self. If you are looking for a gift or something for yourself to say that you have visited the zoo then you will able to go to the shop which is located in the zoo. When at the zoo you should get inspired on how big the zoo is and how much room the animals have to move around in. Due to the large size of the zoo you will able to get a map so you do not get lost within the zoo.

If you are staying in Wellington you should go around the whole island and see the beautiful sites and views. The best way of doing this would be to make an arrangement to take a tour with the tour guide Jennifer. She will bring the best out of Wellington and will provide you with loads of information about the history of the island. If you are looking for a bar tour in Wellington then she will also set up this special tour for you.

Museum of New Zealand is another main attraction that you should go and see. If you are thinking about the cost of this holiday in Wellington then you should worry on more when going to see this attraction due to the fact that it is FREE. Even though Museums can be boring for kids they have an area for them where they do arts and crafts whilst you go and look at the amazing artifacts in the museum. This will allow you to not worry about your kids breaking anything as they will be pre occupied with having in fun within the museum. Once you have left your kids or even if you do not have any kids you will able to go around the museum and be inspired on what is actually in the museum and will help you take your mind of things back home. But for FREE it is defiantly worth a visit.

If you are one of these people that are not sure on if you like tasting new foods why not face your fears and go on a Zest food tour whilst you are in Wellington. This will make your experience more enjoyable and will allow you to see what people actually eat in New Zealand. You go around walking from store to store and taste some of the most exquisite foods that you will eat.

I hope you will take these attractions into account when you are looking to take a trip to Wellington in New Zealand.

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How To Pick The Right Moment

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Picking the Right Moment

Picking the Right Moment

Most, if not all of us, have agonised over decisions for far longer than is healthy at one time or another. The difficulty of leading a life of second-guessing and false starts is that it becomes hard if not impossible to move forward with any kind of momentum and confidence, against a backdrop of uncertainty. The longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to break the cycle. When something becomes habitual it becomes part of the structure of your life. This is a simple fact, and part of why addicts find it so difficult to kick the habit. They may want to consign their dependence to the past, and have long ago stopped feeling the benefit of the substance to which they were addicted, but leaving it behind means changing the structure of their lives – and that is difficult.

All of us have a certain structure to our lives. Even if the structure seems chaotic, there is generally an element of routine in it, even if that routine does not extend very far beyond getting out of bed every day. Moving away from the habits which are holding you back means making a change to that structure. Perhaps a good analogy for this would be that you are standing in a burning building. To escape you need to climb down a ladder. In the burning building, you have the temporary advantage of solid ground, but sooner or later standing there is going to cause you problems. That ladder may be unfamiliar and even a little bit unsteady, but by climbing down it you are going to improve your future prospects.

There is no shortage of people who will hesitate before stepping on to the ladder – metaphorically or literally – because there is something there to be afraid of. It doesn’t feel all that safe, and the fear of the unknown is something which affects all of us at one time or another. Making a change requires determination. It is a case of looking at the problems which stand behind and around you and seeing a way that you can say goodbye to them. They may be old and familiar problems, and stepping on to the ladder may well hold problems of its own later on, but getting on the ladder is the thing. You are putting behind you something which is definitely causing you problems, and giving yourself a chance of directly improving your situation. Future problems are to be worried about in the future.

If you are having difficulty making a necessary change because your current problems at least have the advantage of being familiar, it just takes one decisive action to consign the problems of the present to the past. It requires bravery and determination, and it will ask a lot of you, but it is better to simply make that decisive action and free yourself. Once it is done you will immediately begin to relax, and then you are in the position of being able to dictate where you go next. Rather than letting your life burn down, you can build it so as to resist future fires.

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Munich Soccer Stadium

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Munich Soccer Stadium

Munich Soccer Stadium

If you are a massive football fan then you will appreciate how well football stadiums are built and how they can have a big impact when they are fully built. One of the biggest stadiums in the world is the Munich Stadium which is held in Germany. In the next few paragraphs we are going to talk about the different aspects of stadium and the history behind it.

Some facts about Munich Stadium in Germany

  • The Capacity of this stadium holds 80,000 People.
  • It has some major football world cup events
  • It has been allowed to provide concerts in the stadium which has attracted some biggest names in the music industry.

If you do go to Germany and you are a football fan you should not miss this chance to visit the Munich stadium. You will be breath taken on how big the stadium actually is and you will be impressed on how beautiful the designers have made the stadium. If you get chance to watch a game inside the stadium you will find that the atmosphere will be electric. The crowd gets noisy and lively like a massive block party.

This stadium has been built for over 40 years and it has some had some amazing events. The first biggest event that was held in Munich stadium was in fact the world cup in 1974. Due to the capacity size it allowed Germany to hold the final and they produced an emphatic win against the Netherlands which came to 2-1. This produced the record attendance for a football game in Munich. The Munich stadium also held the Euro 1988 Cup. West Germany only got to play one game in that cup at Munich stadium in there group a match which was against Spain and they won 2-0.

England football team came across to the Munich stadium for a friendly in 1978 which they beat West Germany 2-1. England also came back to the Munich Stadium for the 2002 World cup Qualifier which they beat Germany 5 -1.

This stadium has also produced the Olympics in the summer of 1972. They allowed the Olympics at the Munich stadium due to the fact that it has a track around the center of the pitch.

If you are looking to take a tour around the stadium then one major part would be to see if you are able to go onto the pitch. If you are looking to go on the pitch then you are better to email the company to see if you will able to go on. Normally they allow people to go onto the pitch but only for a few minutes.

As you can see this stadium have had some of the most exciting football tournaments in the world which has provided the Munich stadium to gain some historic events since it has been built. It is defiantly a must if you are looking to go to Munich in Germany.

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Blogging and  Its Positive Effects

Blogging And Its Positive Effects

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Why You Should Blog

Why You Should Blog

A decade ago, had you mentioned a “blog” to just about anyone, they would have looked at you as though they thought you had gone mad. Even today there are many who don’t even know what a blog is, but their numbers are growing ever smaller compared to those who not only know, but blog enthusiastically themselves. In fact, the word blog has become more and more frequently used both as a verb and a noun. “I blogged about this” or “I wrote about it on my blog” are sentences that are technically possible, if a little self-involved. There is a persistent strain of opinion which holds that blogging is the preserve of the self-obsessed and conceited, but this is to do a tremendous disservice to the medium and many of its practitioners.

There are many different ways one can approach a personal blog. Some find that it is a good place to vent about things that have upset them, while simultaneously a good way of communicating positive feelings. Others may get creative with their blog and build up something of a character around it. Some of the most popular blogs are read by millions worldwide, considered by many to be better than a soap opera due to the interactivity that a good blog can have. Others just enjoy putting up opinions and observations, either inviting or at least not discouraging feedback. If all of this sounds a bit like a glorified diary, you’re close, but not quite there. A diary is, after all, intended to be extremely personal while a blog is very much shaped by its potential for wider readership.

So far we have seen blogs turned into books, films and TV shows, and we have further to that seen the medium itself take several different shapes. “Vlogging” is now an entity in itself, differing from blogging in that practitioners do not so much write about their subjects as speak directly to camera and post the video content on a blog, or on the popular video hosting site YouTube. Everyone with a webcam and a microphone, or with a modern cell phone, can now be the star of their own video show. This medium has the further advantage above blogging of being more demonstrative. Words typed sarcastically on a blog can become damaging by virtue of the fact that typing has no inflection. When vlogged, they are better understood.

Of course, you don’t need to make your blog public. It can be as private or as open as you wish, and you can ring-fence it for only your friends to see. Top bloggers have made careers in the wider media, too, so if you have a gift for the written word it can be advantageous to let your opinions be read by an audience. You may simply want an easily archived journal of your thoughts. The only limits are those which you choose to place yourself – which in itself is good practice. It is generally better to keep some things for your eyes only.

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico – A Perfect Vacation Spot

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The Beautiful City Of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The Beautiful City Of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is located on the Baja Peninsula Tip in Mexico. It is most commonly known for its beautiful scenery, luxurious hotels and thriving nightlife. So if you are thinking about visiting Cabo San Lucas on your next vacation, read on to find out all the essential information to make your trip more enjoyable.
There are several ways to get to Cabo San Lucas, depending on where you are departing from. It has its own small airport located 4 miles out of town. It only serves domestic flights to other cities in Mexico. If you are coming from the United States or an international country then you may have to catch a flight to Manual Marquez De Leon International Airport, which is located in La Pez. It can also be reached via the highways which run through the country, and is a great place to stop off if you are going on a road trip.
Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to relax and Unwind. Many of the hotels offer special spa packages so you can get pampered in the most luxurious surroundings. A beautiful coastline stretches along Cab San Lucas, which features picture perfect white sandy beaches as well as amazing cliffs and secret hidden coves. If you are a bit more adventurous then you may want to try out some water-sports such as jet-skiing or banana boating. There are also day and night fishing trips which can be booked through your hotel or travel agent and make a nice day out for all the family.
A great way to explore the area is to hire your own rental car. If you book in advance you can collect it from the airport you arrive at, or at a specific downtown location. A rental car gives you the freedom to travel where you want when you want – without having to depend on unreliable public transportation or expensive taxi’s. It will also allow you to escape from the crowds and visit areas of natural beauty that are off the tourist trail.
If you really want to see how the other half live, then it is worth visiting the Los Cabos corridor. This 30km stretch of coastal land is home to some stunning houses owned by the rich and the famous. There are also many Golf courses along the corridor, some are membership only, but other allow one day passes – so you can test out your golfing skills.
And when the sun sets, Cabo San Lucas turns into a vibrant playground with a great party atmosphere. There are many prestigious bars, where you can enjoy a relaxing drink. Or if you fancy something more crazy why not check out the large clubs where young and beautiful party revellers dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning. Cabo San Lucus does really have it all, so whether you are going for a short weekend away with your friends, or a romantic long break with your partner – you are sure to have a great time. Enjoy your vacation!

To streamline and minimize blog maintenance, I will be discontinuing maintaining the website (however, I will still hold the domain). I will gradually move all articles from this site to Entrepreneur Journey site. This article originally published on the above website on Feb 27, 2010.

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